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Login is the address for logging in.



First page after login is the Dashboard, giving a quick overview of what is happening on your account.

Top menu

horni ovladaci panel obecne

The Top Menu comprises of the following components:

  1. Account navigation (available only to owners of multiple accounts and superusers)
  2. Section navigation
  3. Publishing to production environment
  4. Persoo profile and logout

Section list

If there is multiple sub-sections in the main section, you’ll se a list:

vypis polozek 2

  1. Section menu – list of sub-sections available
  2. Item filter – allows filtering on items when there is too many to map visually. Can contain multiple conditions
  3. Item list – allows ordering alphabetically
  4. Item menu
  5. Adding a new item

Item detail

The Item Detail has it’s own unique top menu.

detail polozky 2

  1. Navigation: Back
  2. Switching between items in the same sub-section
  3. Switching between item detail cards
  4. Save
  5. Cancel – discards changes
  6. On / Off – enable/disable item
  7. AB – some items are allowed to have AB test assigned
  8. Diplicate item
  9. Delete item
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