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This section describes everything you find in Perso Administration, which runs at

Product Recommendations

  • Scenarios
  • Algorithms

Campaigns and Offers

  • Web/On-site – Displayed on web through the defined template. Templates can be be written from scratch, or you can use one of our pre-defined templates for pop-ups,
    • Pop-ups, Infobars,… and other ready to use widgets. You can define your own widget in “Content Templates”.
    • Custom HTML
    • Raw Data – JSON data from visitor profile send to your javascript handler in your web page
  • Emails – The visitor receives an email (sent through your emailing services)
  • Push Notifications
  • REST requests / Webhooks –  Calls an API and transfers needed data. This way you can i.e. implement SMS or custom triggered emails.

Related to Offers

AB Tests

Everything in Persoo can be AB tested. You  can create here a new test, and define it’s variants and audience split  (50:50, 90:10 etc.). After the test is created, you can add it into your scenario or offer.


All the data Persoo collects about your visitors can be exported.

Most common exports are:

  • data for all identified customers
  • enriching emailing database
  • other exports, such as most recent sent emails

Supported formats are JSON and CSV.


  • product import – usually the most important import, defining the products that Persoo will recommend.
  • category import – optional data for categories. Should contain category identifiers, name and hierarchy
  • tag import – you can import your own data to the visitor profiles Persoo has created
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