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Collect and store important data about your customer and use them in targeting, segmentation and algorithms.

Each visitor profile can contain custom variables — any data you want to remember for a visitor.
Typically values submitted from forms, like age, income, date range for travel searched last time, result of some availability test for visitors address,…).

  1. Define the variables first, go to Settings – Debugger and edit  eventProcessing.customVariables. Available variable types are “boolean”, “int”, “long”, “timestamp”, “double”, “string”, “hierarchy”, “slug”. Example:
  2. When you send event, containing a field with the same name as custom variable ID, corresponding variable will be automatically updated to the value from the event.
    • persoo('send', 'myFormSubmit', {isEmployee: true, income: 30000}) will set these 2 custom variables.
      Note: or you can use REST API to report variables from your backend or CRM, using identification by userId or email.
    • then look at the visitor profile, where you will find
      profile.db.customVariables: {isEmployee: true, income: 30000}
  3. Afterwards, you can use custom variables in targeting, templates (the path to variable is i.e. profile.db.customVariable.income), … when ever needed.



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