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In case you send emails only throught triggered emails or you consider trigger emails to be an independent mailing list, you can for simplity use only unsubscribe links managed by Persoo or Mailing provider (i.e. Mandrill).

Subscription / unsubscription flags

In Persoo profiles, there is a tag unsubscribedEmail (with values true or false) which has special meaning. Persoo do not send emails to people, who has unsubscribedEmail = true.

How to set this tag?

  • use persoo imports of type “tags”
  • use unsubscribe link … contains hash to verify, that it comes from Persoo trigger email (not to be able to unsubscribe foreign emails).

Unsubscribe/Opt Out Link

In your email templates, you can include link to<%= unsubscribeParam %> which will send the user to your landing page and unsubscribe current email address from Persoo triggered emails.

Moreover you can define onsite widget/pop-up, which will show a confirmation, or some questionnaire, why had the user unsubscribed.

More details:

  • unsubscribeParam is placeholder for “?<authHash>&campaign=<googleAnalyticsCampain>
  • when visitor lands on your eshop domain (with persoo implemented) and url contains these parameters, Persoo client in page will trigger “unsubscribeEmail” event with email and key params. This event will realize unsubscription by authorizing that key matches email address and by setting tag “unsubscribedEmail” to true.
  • you can react on this event by showing unsubscription confirmation pop-up. Create any onsite widget and set trigger & target condition to “eventName==unsubscribeEmail”.

Note: Some email services for triggers emails have bugs and rewrites url params in email content. Often it helps to use absolute URL with https protocol and full domain name, i.e. instead of

Mandrill unsubscribe links

If you use Mandrill for sending trigger email. See how to use UNSUBscribe merge tag, which will put emails also on Mandrill Blacklist (yes, Mandrill has its own blacklist for filtering unsubscribed email addresses).

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