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Persoo need to receive events, like “User X viewed product with itemID:AB123”. Events for the same visitor are used to create Visitor profiles.. As a response to each event sent to Persoo, Persoo can return personalized data or content to a page (popup, recommendation box, search widget).

To be able to display products, Persoo needs to know its title, price, image url, … This product fields are provided by product data feed, which is regularly imported to Persoo.

Connectors you need to implement

  1. Data collection to create deep visitor profiles based on behavior.
    1. Insert persoo snippet to header of each page
      • just copy & paste snippet to your page templates
      • to start collecting pageviews and to allow persoo to display content as website overlay layer
      • if you want to display content, it must be in page header element, otherwise the personalized content will blink. If you only want to collect data or to get a non production preview of persoo features, you can use GTM. But in such a case always set personalization_tolerance to zero (see antiflicker protection in snippet config)
    2. Data Layer and reporting more detailed events to Persoo
      • to collect more detailed events about visitor behavior, i.e. which product, category, brand was viewed, purchased, …
      • if you already have google analytics enhanced eCommerce, you are done. You do not need more.
  2. Importing data tables like product feed/data feeds
    • to have all data about products, you need to display in recommendation boxes or search results
    • use google product feed, facebook feed or heureka feed for the beginning, because on 95% you already have it.
    • Create custom data feed in format JSON, CSV or XML to put there all your product fields you need to display product card (including sticker, user ratings,…) and fields needed for filters and for decisions.

Do not forget to test your implementation. Persoo has tools and preview for testing, too.
You cannot get high conversion increase if you do not collect data properly or if you have misstakes in data collection or in product fields.

See also:

How Persoo collects data and display content?

Everything is based on events. The data flow between the website, your servers and Persoo is described below:

schema - jak persoo funguje, integrace do webu

The advanced part is, that Persoo does not collect data to process them later, but processes them in real-time. It is more like “action – reaction” in the same request.

  1. Web page reports events with data to Persoo.
  2. Persoo finds corresponding visitor profile and updates the profile and process the event in real-time. Visitor profile maintains i.e. data like “last interaction” with fieldID, i.e. last interaction with product “iPhone”, last interaction with category “Smart Phones”, … score/weight for each value,… See visitor profiles for more details.
  3. Persoo sends a reaction – what to display in web page, raw data to your custom javascript handler in page or triggers 3rd party services like send email, push notification,…
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