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This guide will take you through the necessary steps to integrate Persoo with Silverpop.

Prerequisites – you need

  • access to Persoo administration + Persoo integrated to the website
  • access to your Silverpop administration


  1. Provide credentials, that will allow Persoo to talk with SilverPop API.
  2. Identify visitors comming from your emails/newsletters
    • select mailing database to sync contacts (recipiencs) from
    • add url parameter with recipientID to all outgoing links in your emails
  3. Send Trigger Emails
    • create general template in SilverPop (just your header, footer and dynamic content block placeholders)
    • create trigger campaign in Persoo (who, when, template for dynamic content block)

Provide access credentials to SilverPop

Persoo needs to know credentials to be able to acces to SilverPop API. If you do not wish to provide us your own username and password, create a new user just for Persoo.

  • Optional: Navigate to Settings → User Accounts.
  • Optional: Click Create User Account.Setup username, password and other parameters. Then confirm.
  • Find out the POD (endpoint) number. This is the same number,  you see on the subdomain you are logging through. For example, the screensthot below, the POD number  is 6.
  • Fill in your login, password and POD number to Persoo integration is Settings – Integrations – SilverPop
  • Publish Changes in Persoo to Production environment (otherwise it is only in test environment, where you can test any modifications before publishing them to production).

Visitor Identifications

If you want to send trigger emails, you need to know email addresses of people sitting behind the device. Easiest and most trusted identifications comes with the click from an email to your website. Each link must contain parameter &sp_id=<recipientID>. To do it so, you need

  1. tell SilverPop to add such parameter to each outgoing link in your emails
  2. tell Persoo, to regularly sync mailing database from SilverPop and to create identification aliases between RecipientID and Email Address.

Adding sp_id parameter to all links in your emails

TODO document this

Setting up regular contact list synchronization

All you need is to put DatabaseID or ContactListID to integration settings.

  1. Find DatabaseID in SilverPop:
    • Navigate to Data → View Data.
    • Place the mouse cursor over the name of a desired database and wait for about 1 second. (Or copy the ID from address bar after clicking the link.).Or the quicker approach:
  2. Go to Persoo Administration – Settings – Integrations – Silverpop and fill Database ID:
  3. Persoo will regularly every day read all recipients from SilverPop and import them to Persoo. You can also contact Persoo support to trigger this task manually or to confirm you, that contacts were successfully imported.
  4. Publish Changes in Persoo to Production environment (otherwise recipients synchronization is only in test environment, where you can test any modifications before publishing them to production).
  5. optional How to test, that identification works? Add existing recipientID to url parameter &sp_id=<recipientID>, refresh the page. Then open Chrome console and type
    First command will load current visitor profile to the browser and the second command will just display identifications stored in the profile.

Note: (Trebleshooting) Sometimes we encounter some problems with SilverPop FTP (all data synchronizations are through SilverPop FTP server). Problems were that SilverPop was unable to write to its own FTP. You have to manually log to the FTP first. Then it starts working. See how to fix ftp problems in SilverPop for more details.

Moreover, status of all sync jobs can be found in SilverPop admin – Resources – Data jobs.

Create first trigger email

Here is the idea how it works. Your database must contain fields for dynamic content (each field has limit 4000 characters). When Persoo triggers email with dynamic content, it do the following steps:

  • Persoo renders the dynamic content, which may include product recommendations
  • Persoo splits the dynamic content to fields and update email record in mailing DB in SilverPop
  • Persoo adds email address to automated trigger campaign in SilverPop (adds email to programme).
  • SilverPop process automation program, render email template and add dynamic content from DB fields, sends email

Let us look at the configuration of a Persoo triggered campaign.

Step #1 – Create Database Fields in SilverPop

Create a few mandatory fields in the database from a previous step. These fields are called transhtml1, transhtml2, …,transhtml10 and transsubject.

  1. Navigate to Data → View Data.
  2. Open the desired database.
  3. Make sure you are on the Fields tab.
  4. Create fields transhtml1, transhtml2, …, transhtml10 and transsubject. To create the field, do as follows.
    We are really sorry about this step, but unfortunately there is no other way around as of present time.

    1. Click Add field.
    2. Enter a field name. Type should be left to text.

Step #2 – Prepare an Automated Mailing Template in SilverPop

Persoo is able to use any automated template which contain a specific sequence of personalized fields. These are the fields we just created in the previous step.

  1. Navigate to Content → Mailing Template.
  2. We will use a Blank layout. Feel free to select any other option.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Copy the following value to the Subject Line (no leading or trailing spaces):
  5. Setup some reasonable values to Address Settings. Using the same values as we do is not recommended here.
  6. Navigate to Contacts and select the database we used in the beginning as a Contact Source.
  7. Now to the close-to-final step. In the template editor, click Source (only available on HTML tab) and insert the following two snippets or our most basic template below.The first snippet will be used for Persoo generated content. Insert this exact value:
    The second snippet is an opt-out link, which is required by Silverpop. You are free to alter the style and text, but youmay not change the address or remove the link altogether.
    As far as placing the first snippet goes, most commonly customers will use it for a product recommendation strip, in which case it should be placed probably somewhere in the middle of an HTML code, but on the other hand, you can use the generated content alone and use Persoo for end-to-end e-mail design and delivery, in which case it can stand instead of HTML code altogether.

    Another way to go is to use the most basic template and then perfect it to the completion.

  8. Automate the template.
  9. Choose an optional Mailing Name and other values. Be sure not to change Subject Line (to anything else but the snippet we provided you above).
  10. In Setup as Autoresponder Based on Trigger Event, choose Custom.
  11. As a result, you should have something like this (click to enlarge the image)
  12. Click Automate
  13. Confirm automation.
  14. Navigate to Content → Templates.
  15. Navigate to Autoresponders.
  16. Find out the mailing ID by placing the mouse on its name and waiting for a second.

    Or alternatively copy the ID from address bar after following the link.
    Make sure this ID is not just “templateID”, but “Autoresponder Mailing ID”. This is typical place, where people do mistake, when they do not follow this guide properly.
  17. Fill the MailingID to Persoo Administration – Settings – Integrations – SilverPop to the field “Mailing ID”.
  18. Publish Changes in Persoo to Production environment (otherwise it is only in test environment, where you can test any modifications before publishing them to production)

Step #3 – Prepare trigger email in Persoo

Once you have activated email integration in Persoo, you can start with trigger emails. Here we create very simple test, just to check, that it works.

  1. In Persoo Administration, go to Offers – Emails.
  2. Above the list Click on “+ crete new” button.
  3. Fill the content
    • Step 1 (Setup) … fill in the name. In the trigger select on “submit” event. (We will send “submit” event manually in this test.) Usually, you will trigger the email on “updateProfile” event. That is once in several hours.
    • Step 2 (Target) … keep the condion as it is, “javascript: true”. That is send the email always when it is triggered. Usually you will specify here the conditions and targets, when and to whow the email can be send.
    • Step 3 (Content) … click on “HTML Body” to edit raw html template. Templates are using persoo templating language which is based on EJS. In the template, you can use “recommendation scenarios” as a javascript variable “products1”.
    • Activate the email offer, by click on ON/OFF switch on the top bar (that will automatically save the email offer).
  4. To test the email (i.e. to test triggers based on the behaviour on the website) do
    • Switch your browser to “test environment”, by adding ?persooEnvironment=test to URL on your website. You should see the yellow panel on the left, which indicates that you are in test environment.
    • In Chrome console enter commands:
    • Open your mailbox and look at the email, you have received.

Now you can create as many trigger emails in Persoo as you need. All of them will use the same “dynamic content template” in SilverPop.

Good luck with your triggered emails!

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