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Please go to Persoo Admin – Settings – Integrations, switch ON Mandrill and fill in the integration (as on the screenshot).

  • API Key – neccessary to be able to access your Mandrill Account.
    • In Mailchimp go to Account (under user icon). On the displayed page switch to tab “Transactional”. Then click button “launch Mandrill”.
    • In Mandrill admin click on menu “Settings” and in the middle of the page, there is a button “New API Key”.
  • From Email – all send trigger email will be from this email address with name from the following field.
  • From Name
  • Google Analytics Domains – links leading to these domains will be automatically enriched with UTM parameters

How to add unsubscribe link to your emails

To add unsubscribe link to email, just place UNSUB merge tag to the text of your email, i.e.

Persoo will replace unsubscribeParam with “?”. Similartly Mandrill automatically replace UNSUB merge tag with correct URL containing following url params

  • md_email – contains email address from which the user wants unsubscribe
  • md_id – usefull for integration with webhooks

The advantage of using this merge tag is, that Mandrill will add other neccesary props to your email, so unsubscrition will work on all usual places, i.e. gmail unsubscribe button. For more details see Mandrill documentation on unsubscribes.

What happens in Persoo? Persoo detects “persooUnsubscribeEmail” url parameter on the landing page and automatically send event “unsubscribeEmail” into Persoo. It is regular event, so you can react on it, i.e. by showing pop-up “You were unsubscribed”.

Trouble shooting – how to subscribe back in Mandrill?

Once you click on unsubscribe link, you will never again receive any trigger email, because Mandrill blocks emails that were unsubscribed in the history. You must log in to Mandrill and remove your email from Rejection Black list.

Emails can also be removed from the Rejection Blacklist via the Mandrill API. If you know your apikey, you can event do it from the Mandrill API page – click on “Try it”, fill in APIKey, your email and detele sublist field. 

How to manage opt-outs in Persoo

See technical notes about email subscriptions in Persoo.

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