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For enabling integrations with your mailing account, fill the following fields in Settings – Integrations – MailChimp:

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Identify visitors coming from newsletters to your website

One of the most important identification source are visitors coming from newsletters. All links in newsletters must contain url parameter with “hashed” email id. From the hash, you cannot identify who it is, so Persoo automatically downloads mapping table [hash, email] form Mailchimp.

All you need to do to start tracking visitors comming from Mailchimps newsletters is to check “E-commerce link tracking” when you create campaign in Mailchimp.

mailchimp trackingSee Mailchimps documentation for campaign tracking options for more details.

Persoo automaticaly adds Mailchimp DB data to Persoo Visitor Profiles

The data from MailChimp will be automatically added to the Visitor Profile via a regular import. The new data will be saved under db.mailchimp. These new values can be used for segmentation, data insertion or other applications.


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