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If you want the Persoo events visible in the Google Analytics, set-up the GA integration in the Settings.

By default, only the following events are reported to GA:

  • setDimensions: report that a custom dimension has been assigned a value, mostly AB test variant
  • impression: a certain scenario/widget was impressed
  • click: a certain scenario/widget was clicked

The default format of Persoo events is the following:

Event Category: persooEvents
Event Action: “location:scenarioID_abTestVariant:action”, for example popup:b11178368c79481e919528c0bd5e6568_B:impression
Event Label: (not set)
Event Value: (not set)

Custom events to GA

If you want to send certain events to GA, set them up in the Event Processing section in the following format:

This will make sure that the event gets sent even when you’re reporting them through various ways, such as GTM.

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