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Transactions are collected and processed automatically as you report them in events/dataLayer. So you do not need to worry (as long as you have a correct Data Layer).

The transactions can be also imported in the administration in the section Settings – Imports  by creating a new import with the type Transactions.

Moreover you can import:

  • Older transactions before the time Persoo was deployed to your eshop
  • Transactions from brick&mortar stores (to have more interactions about users, to improve crosssell data, …). This is typically a regular once-a-day import.

Importing transactions

Typicaly, an e-shop database has 2 tables – transactions and transaction items. Persoo uses no-sql dababases, so it has 1 document with all properties and all items in the transactions.

To make it easier, you can create one file (CSV or JSON) with both transactions and transaction items. You can simply concat these two tables. In the import file some lines correspond to transactions and they must provide

  • transactionId
  • email
  • affiliation
  • revenue
  • shipping
  • tax
  • total = revenue + shipping + tax
  • items (optional) … you can provide transaction items directly, so no single line transaction items are neccessary

and other lines with transaction items

  • transactionId
  • itemID
  • itemGroupID
  • quantity
  • price
  • brand
  • categoryID
  • productType, … and other fields describing group of products or product features

Persoo maps all lines with unique transactionId to one transaction item, which will be imported.

Note: Pair [transactionId, visitor identification] must be unique. If you upload the transaction with the same transactionID and visitor identification again, it will overwrite previous transaction.

Here are 3 examples importing the same transaction.

Example 1 (CSV import):

Example 2 (JSON import):

Example 3 (JSON import): importing final transaction items, so there is no map-reduce of transations and transaction items.


Exporting all transactions

There is a way to export all transactions collected by Persoo including related offers and session, which had influenced the transaction.

Ask our support to run the task and provide you with the resulting JSON file.

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