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Reuqired fields are necessary for basic functionality.

Optional fields depend on Persoo features you want to use and also on the business segment (i.e. fashion has sizes, but books don’t).
You can add as many custom fields, as you need.

Note! Fields with multiple values can be added multiple times into the feed. E.g. if the product is assigned in more than one category, multiple category fields can be generated.

List of required and optional fields


  • itemID
  • itemGroupID
  • categoryID
  • title
  • description
  • link
  • imageLink
  • hierarchy
  • available


  • brand
  • color
  • productType
  • hierarchyID
  • priceOriginal
  • relatedProducts
  • basketLink
  • imageLink2
  • etc…

Product fields details

Important note! When providing values for product parameters, always include some form of value. Even if there is no value for “brand” for example, fill it with text “undefined” or some other string value.

itemID (string)


Product’s unique ID.

itemGroupID (string)


Required in case more variants of the same product exist.

It pairs product variants with their master. More on grouping products here.

hierarchyID (string)


Tree structure of category, in which is the product assigned. Each level ID must be unique, ideally numeric (since if the category 333 and 777 are both named “Accessories”, this would cause problems. If the product exists in more than one hierarchy, multiple tags <g:hierarchy_id> are listed. The first hierarchy is assumed as the main hierarchy.

categoryID (string)


Category, in which the product is assigned. Identical with the last item in hierarchy. If the product exists in more than one category, multiple tags are listed. The first categoryID is assumed as the main categoryID.

This filed represents one unique deepest category into which products can be placed. It must not happen that two categories (i.e. “Men – Shirts” and “Women – Shirts”) have the same categoryID.

title (string)

<title>TIMEX TW2P98300</title>

Product title (name of the product). To be displayed in product lists.

description (string)

<description>Great watch for everybody!</description>

String with short product description (pure text without HTML tags)

hierarchy (string)

<hierarchy>Men's watches|Silver watches</hierarchy>
<hierarchy>Sport watches|Water resistant|10atm</hierarchy>

Text hierarchy for fulltext search.

category (string)

<category>Silver watches</category>

Text category for fulltext search.

price (integer)


Final price including VAT.

priceOriginal (integer)


Original price, required if the product was discounted.

link (string)


Product detail URL.

Important note! When providing links for the products or their images, consider prepending correct HTTP/HTTPS protocol, otherwise some functions might not work, and your visitors will be redirected to non-secure locations!

imageLink (string)


Thumbnail’s URL. Ideally square format (e.g. 140 x 140 px). Size should be the same as the largest thumbnail used on the site (to speed up loading time). If also larger image is needed, another custom field with a link to larger image should be added (e.g. <g:image_link_large>).

available (integer)


Gives numeric value of the number of items available in stock (for immediate shipping)

basketLink (string)


Link for inserting the product in the basket.

productType (string)


Helps to identify the product independently from the hierarchy. E.g. a “spring mattress”, “foam mattress”, “latex mattress” can be categories, but the overall type is “mattress”. If this is not reflected in the categories/hierarchies, we recommend using the product type field.

relatedProducts (string)


If you want to specify products related in some way (suitable cross-sell, alternatives, free gifts/discounts etc.). Note: products from the same product group (i.e. same shoe of different sizes) should be handled as described here.

attributeNew (bool)


A label stating the product is a recent addition.


deliveryDate (number)


Number of days before the product can be shipped. State zero “0” for immediate availability (in stock).


… and other fields that are needed, such as brand, size, color, gender, collection

Note! We use camelCase notation, but in XML, which does not distiguish between lowercase and uppercase, fields are written as <camel_case> and are automatically converted to camelCase during product import processing.

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