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Product fields

Product fields in Persoo follows the Google Merchant Center Product Feed Specification. For examples of product fields see

  • example product feeds.
  • or open your Persoo administration and go to Catetalogue, click one item to get on its detail. Switch to JSON format.

Simple Product vs Product with Variants

Products can be:

  • Simple – one book = one itemID
  • With variants – 1 model of shoes (itemGroupID) with various sizes (itemID)

When there are Products with Product Variants on the e-shop, there is usually only one page for the Product. On it, the visitor selects the specific variant (color, size etc.). For technical reasons, we need a product, that contains the data for all Variants, and acts as a representative. We call this a Master Variant.

If you provide Master Variants, their itemID should be found at their Dependant Variants’ fields itemGroupID.

If you don’t provide Master Variants, Persoo will create them automatically when importing the products when it detects multiple identical itemIDs.

Persoo tables related to Products

Persoo stores products in 2 tables:

  • productVariant – data are stored under they itemID key in the form they were imported
  • products – Each product group has a representant (Master), to which all the values from Variants are added (colors, sizes…). This representant’s key is the itemGroupID of it’s dependants.

Refer to the description of product aggregation if you need to know more details.

Note: Statistics and relationships are aggregated on Product Groups level. For example, if the e-shop reports that a certain itemID was added to the basket, then this information about purchase will be calculated also for the given Product Group.

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