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Persoo needs to know all fields related to each product, category, brand, … or generally speaking to each item. These data are used by recommendation algorithms, decisions, for user segmentation and also in the Offers to display recommended products on the web site.

Each item must contain ID. Generally supported field names, which are used in Catalogue and in Persoo administration to be able to show nice titles, are:

  • id
  • title
  • description
  • link
  • imageLink

How to regularly import these items to Persoo?

  1. Create item export from your database to a file.
  2. Place this file to a public URL with long hash … so nobody can guess your secret hash key.
  3. Then setup product import in Persoo, so Persoo will regularly read this file to sync your product data. Typically, it is every 4 hours.

Persoo has 2 types of data tables:

  • Account Data Tables – like products, categories,… General data for an account, not related to a particular customer.
  • Customer Related Tables – like transactions, tags,… Each row must contain an identification of a visitor / customer.

All data you import, are enhanced with Persoo computed data and statistics.
These statistics data are used by algorithtms in Persoo and helps them to achieve better performance in KPI.

See also:

  • User Guide: Catalogue – how to preview, search, filter item in each table, … including computed data like view or buy statistics.
  • User Guide: Data Hub – how to Import or Export tables


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