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To implement any Persoo feature start by deploying Persoo snippet. Then choose your desired feature and continue implementation with its required steps (level).

Implementation Levels Available Persoo Features
level 1
deploy Persoo snippet Persoo profiles including visitor identifications (one profile might correspond to multiple browsers and devices).

Targeted on-site offers: pop-ups, banners, infobars, etc.  (targeting by device type, visit source, RFM, …)

  • Targeted on-site messages (e.g. coming from a certain remarketing campaign source)
  • Exit intent
  • Collecting email addresses

Email integrations – leverage Persoo data in your emailing tool(s)  – Mailchimp, Silverpop, Apsis, Mandrill etc.

  • Basic trigger emails
  • Contact list enrichment (DB) – for better segmentation
level 2
+ add pageType
(page template id) to dataLayer
Locations are parts of your page/pages that can be personalized. Location is defined by CSS selectors, pageType, url,… (for all pages of the same pageType, i.e. for all product detail pages).

Inserting personalized content into a location.

level 3
+ add standard product feed
(Google Product Feed or Heuréka Feed, XML or JSON)
Search and suggest I.: relevant search in multiple product fields, but without considering the statistics)
level 4
+ add product “view” and “transaction” to dataLayer
(or use data from your Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, if you have)
Produt recommendation boxes

  • Cross-sell (detail, pre-basket)
  • Alternatives + Up-sell (detail)
  • Category best-sellers / trending products
  • Product listing (category)
  • Last viewed / last bought products
  • Homepage product recommendation
  • Non-existing product / error page (404)

Advanced targeting of on-site widgets and emails (using what product/category/brand visitor viewed/bought etc.)

  • Cross-sell after purchase
  • Customer re-activation
  • Price drop (availability) notification

Search and suggest II. (with considering the statistics and personalizations)

Full e-commerce behavior data collected to Persoo Profiles

Persoo Profiles as data center for external tools and platforms (databases, Adform, Measuremt Hub, Adwords etc.). Enrich other databases by behavior data, segments, preprefences, open shopping cycles. Realized by automated exports or in real-time after each visitor session.

level 5
+ add more product attributes in product feed Better products recommendations and filtering
level 6
 + add basket status to dataLayer Basket related features:

  • Abandoned basket email notifications
  • Abandoned basket on-site notifications
  • Improved recommendations – products added to basket can be excluded. Similarly for product types, categories.
level 7
+ add used filtres in product listings (i.e. in categories) Product lists recommendations (i.e. in categories)

Better visitor preferences – choosing a filter shows stronger interest


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