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One of the powerful tools in Persoo is javascript preprocesing. In case you want to modify/correct data, which are reported from dataLayer or hard wired persoo() calls, you can use event preprocessing. Is is useful mainly for:

  • Renaming fields
  • Pulling data from URL parameters
  • Pulling data from HTML header (Note: HTML body may not be loaded yet at the moment of sending request to Persoo).
  • Calculating new fields from the available ones


In browser preprocessing

Preprocessing in the browser happens before sending data to Persoo server.

Your JS function can be inserted in Settings – Integrations – Web, field requestPreprocessor.

For renaming the event name, use “event._e”.

For manual tuning of the function in the browser, run:

On server preprocessing (deprecated)

If you need more data manipulation, that is not connected to the data in the visitor history, you can go to Settings – Event preprocessing – Custom javascript.

These changes are not saved to the visitor history, and are only meant to enhance data for Persoo calculations.

Use examples:

  • I want to turn off Persoo for a certain segment
  • I want to derive multiple Hieararchies from a Hierarchy branch

Important note: Data reported to server are saved to visitor history as they arrive to server. Modifications made in server preprocessing will not be visible in visitor history.

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