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Reporting events to Persoo

Easiest data collection implementation is to insert the Persoo javascript snippet and the data layer:

  1. Place Persoo JS Snippet to your page’s <head>
    • Basic data (such as viewed URLs) are collected automatically by the javascript snippet.
  2. Set up Data Layer to contain data, to be automatically reported with the every ‘pageview’ event
    • Advanced data (such as viewed product code) are reported by the data layer.
    • If you already have Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce or similar detailed js object with data on the page, you can use such object and do only the field mapping in event preprocessing in Persoo.

Events can be reported in three ways

  • by calling Javascript function persoo() from persoo client to report the event (requires snippet)
  • by pushing event to dataLayer variable (the recommended way, requires snippet)
  • by calling directly REST API from your server

Important note: Data consistency – it is essential, that the data in the data layer and product feed match. Otherwise it won’t be possible to draw connections between e.g. displayed category and products from this category, or categories often sold together (such as phones and phone accessories).

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