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Getting started

How-to interconnect your eshop and Persoo. Insert javascript snippet so Persoo can display and personalize content. Setup-up data reporting similar to web analytics and provide product export.

Use plugin for Prestashop, Magento, FastCentrik, Webmium, (WooCommerce soon) to do it in a few clicks.

Or implement it yourself. It will take 1-5MD depending on features you want to use in Persoo.

User Guide to Administration

Once Persoo is implemented to eshop, you can start turning on Persoo features. This part is realized in Persoo Administration. Describes screens in adminstration, basic processes, reports.

  • Description of each screen in Persoo Administration
  • How to configure each feature?
  • Reports, metrics, break downs in reports.
  • Where to find reports for each Persoo feature?

Technical Guide

Detailed description how Persoo operates. How events are reported to Persoo, how data are structured, how API works. It describes

University and Tutorials

Best practices and tutorials for specific topics.

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